The Morris Family of Webster County, WV

In my last post, I wrote about more Drennen descendants that had contacted me, specifically Lisha Wallace.  What intrigued me besides her Drennen line, was her Morris line.  As a lot of you are aware, there is a pretty well-known line of a Morris family that my wife descends from.  Well, even though Lisha’s Morris family is not related to my wife’s line, it has some very interesting twists and turns as well.

Lisha Wallace’s grandfather was Paul Clifford Morris.  This is where I will begin.

For Paul Clifford Morris (1915-1992), I found the following record.

Social Security Application and Claims Index:

Courtesy of Ancestry©

The next record in line was the following.

1930 Census, Glade District, Webster County, WV:

Courtesy of Ancestry©

It’s pretty clear about who Paul’s parents were.  As most of you know, the further back in time you go, the harder it is to find corresponding records to help prove parentage.  My next step was to look for Paul’s father and what records I could find for him.  Here is what I found.

William A. Morris (1887-1962), father of Paul C. Morris

The following birth record for William A. Morris is what is known as a Delayed Birth Record.  The U.S. Birth Certificates website defines a Delayed Birth Certificate as “When a citizen’s birth registration has not been filed within the first year, a different form will have to be submitted along with certain documents that serve as supporting evidence. The form that is filed more than one year after a citizen’s birth is known as a Delayed Birth Certificate.”  

The Department of Health and Human Resources, Bureau of Public Health for West Virginia defines it essentially in the same way. “A delayed birth certificate is any birth certificate not filed within one year of the date of birth.

This is the Delayed Birth Record for William A. Morris:

Courtesy of West Virginia Culture Vital Records

These records can be a fountain of information.

Here is the marriage record for William A. Morris and Flossie R. Gray:

Courtesy of West Virginia Culture Vital Records

Here is William’s death certificate (17 Aug 1962):

Courtesy of West Virginia Culture Vital Records

The death certificate indicates that William’s parents were Robert Morris and Susan Tyler.

Robert W. Morris (1857-1932), grandfather of Paul C. Morris

I found Robert Morris in the 1860 Census – Wayne District, Monroe County, OH:

Courtesy of Ancestry©

It appears that Robert’s parents are a William & Susanna Morris.

Again, I found Robert in the 1880 Census – Sisterville District, Tyler County, WV:

Courtesy of Ancestry©

Here is Robert’s death certificate from Webster County, WV  (22 Jan 1932):

Courtesy of West Virginia Culture Vital Records

This death certificate indicates that Robert’s father was a William Morris.

William R. Morris (1831-1902), great-grandfather of Paul C. Morris

I found the 1850 Census for William R. Morris, Malaga District, Monroe County, OH:

Courtesy of Ancestry©

So, looking at the above census, we see that William R. Morris’s parents were a Henry G. Morris and Mary Morris.  Based on many family trees, this is probably Henry Gusler Morris and Mary Kincade (1804-1865)

Here is a link to William’s grave site:

Find A Grave

Henry G. Morris (1798-1875), great-great grandfather of Paul C. Morris

Looking at the 1840 Census for Malaga Twp., Monroe County, OH, you see that the unnamed people living with Henry G. Morris that are listed by age pretty well match those from the 1850 Census above:

Courtesy of Ancestry©

I did find the following page when researching Henry G. Morris. It has some interesting links to a Morris bible and other information.

Descendants of Henry G. Morris

There is also a website that has transcibed the Morris-Latta family bible:

Morris-Latta Bible

I also found a Letter of Administration in regards to the estate of Henry G. Morris:

Courtesy of Ancestry©

Administrators Bonds and Letters, 1867-1903 ; General Index to Estates, 1867-1901; Author: Ohio. Probate Court (Monroe County); Probate Place: Monroe, Ohio

Notice the Latta name…that correpsonds with the Latta name associated with the Morris family bible.

Beyond Henry G. Morris, there are many that have the parents of Henry G. Morris as James Randel Morris and Rebecca Gusler, but I have not found any records to confirm this.

James R. Morris (1760-1818)

Rebecca Gulser (1766-1811)

Remember, researching family ancestors is a diligent and arduous task. You cannot take shortcuts, nor can you ignore the records you do find, especially when and if they contradict some family lore. All you can do is keep your fingers crossed as you journey back in time to confirm who your ancestors were and the lives they lived.

One last note…here is a link to an image of Henry G. Morris



West Virginia Culture Vital Records

Featured Image: Webster County, West Virginia, Rand McNally 1911, courtesy of Genealogy Hound


Lisha Wallace

Cheryl, my wife who continues to support my work and she is the love of my life

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