Where Road Block No. 2 Becomes the Road to Nowhere (or Maybe Not?) 

In my last post, I ventured further into the Hudson family’s relationship to the Pauley family through Leona (Wheeler), mother of Homer Hudson and Sankey Pauley.  There are more possible connections to the Pauley family through the Hudson family I want to show. 

Charles L. Hudson (1851-1932), father of Homer Hudson may also have a connection to the Pauley family, but the key word here is “may”.  

Charles L. Hudson is a bit of an enigma, but I’ll try to make some things clearer for those of the Hudson descendants out there that may be having some issues with this. 

Remember, even when an ancestor seems like a complete dead end, there are always ways to at least bring more of the story of an ancestor to the forefront. 

Let’s look at the censuses going back beginning with the most recent and going back chronologically.  We’ll start with the 1930 Census for Washington Dist., Lincoln County, WV for Charles L. Hudson: 

Courtesy of Ancestry© 

At the top is Charles and his wife Leona.  Living next door is their son Granville.  Note some of the names of Granville’s children like Lewis and Rebecca. Naming children after other older relatives was a common occurrence in the past. 

According to some of the trees on Ancestry, Charles L. Hudson died on 3 Jun 1932, but I found no death certificate, newspaper obituary or any other record in regards to his death. 

Let’s go back another 10 years to the 1920 Census for Lincoln County, WV: 

Courtesy of Ancestry© 

Here are Charles and Leona with son, Willie and 2 grandsons. 

Okay, going back another 10 years to the 1910 Census for Lincoln County, WV: 

Courtesy of Ancestry© 

Again, Charles and Leona with 3 of their sons and a sister-in-law to Charles, so probably a sister to Leona, Lethia Hager.  There’s a good chance that Lethia is Leona’s sister, as I found a marriage record for a Preston Hagar and a Tetilha Wheeler.  Leona’s maiden name was Wheeler. 

Once more back another 10 years, same location for the census in 1900: 

Courtesy of Ancestry© 

Charles and Leona with much more of their family, including Homer Hudson that married my wife’s great-aunt Ella Jane Midkiff. 

Alright, so far so good…now we’ll have to go back another 20 years to the 1880 Census for Lincoln County, WV: 

Courtesy of Ancestry© 

This is the same census I showed in my previous post that shows Leona Hudson’s child Sankey Pauley from her 1st marriage to Daniel Pauley. 

Now, here is where it gets really interesting or really frustrating, depending on your point of view.  Trying to locate Charles, prior to 1880 was a real challenge, but then I got kind of lucky.  I had been looking at one of the family trees on Ancestry and saw that someone had snagged the 1870 Census for Charles and he was staying with a Smith family in 1870.  Here is that census in Lincoln County, WV:

Courtesy of Ancestry© 
Written as Hudson Chas., 16 years old and Works on Farm. 
Now, anything before 1870 is a dead end, thus it seems like a road to nowhere.  I did some thinking and decided to reach out to get some possible backstory on Charles through Hudson descendants, and again, I had a bit of luck. 

There are many Hudson descendants out there that have the parents of Charles L. Hudson as Lewis Hudson and Lavicia Pauley, and that Charles had a sister, Rebecca Etta Hudson.  The reason for the mystery behind the whereabouts of Charles and Rebecca for that matter prior to 1870 is possibly this. If Lewis and Lavicia are Charles and Rebecca’s parents, both Lewis and Lavicia passed away prior to 1860.   

I’ve been told by one of my readers, Deborah Hudson that both Charles and Rebecca were staying with another family in 1860, and at one time had the 1860 Census showing this, but lost track of it.  I’ve been attempting to find that census. 

I was able to get a hold of Marilyn Rutherford Pauley, who is descended from Lewis Hudson’s sister, Elizabeth (Betsy) Hudson.  Marilyn was able to fill in some details that gives more backstory to Charles’ life and what he and his sister must have gone through. 

Here is what Marilyn wrote to me: 

“Hello Brian, I descend thru Lewis Hudson’s sister Elizabeth Betsy. I have worked extensively on the Hudson Line with a cousin Barbara Rhodes. In checking my DNA matches, I do match descendants of Lewis Hudson and his children Charles Lewis Hudson and Rebecca Etta Hudson. Lewis Hudson was killed while timbering on 10 January 1852. Lewis married Lavicia Pauley October 10, 1850 and gave birth to Charles Lewis Hudson August 1851. Apparently, Lewis Hudson had an affair with Elizabeth Beech (1830-1860) near the end of his life as Elizabeth gave birth to a daughter in October 1852 who she named Rebecca Etta Hudson. Rebecca also used the surname of Eastwood also. 

Barbara Hudson and I have been Y-DNA testing different males thru the Hudson line to establish connections and work back to a common Hudson ancestor. We recently tested a male descendent of Lewis Hudson, Charles Lewis Hudson, Granville Hudson whose DNA returned not a Hudson match, however we do have autosomal matches with other descendants of Granville indicating that indeed Granville was a Hudson, so we are deducing that it must be in this one person’s line. We have found another male from Charles Lewis Hudson and have reached out to him to see if he would be agreeable to a Y-DNA test. We are awaiting a decision. 

As to the 1860 Census, we were advised that there was a census that showed Charles Lewis living with relatives, but have been unable to find one. We do have him on an 1870 Census living in the home of David Smith in Lincoln County and working as a farm laborer. His is 16 at this time. 

 Records show that after Lewis Hudson dies, his wife Lavica marries an Ennis Pauley and has 2 more children in 1855 and 1856. The 1860 shows Ennis is living with his parents in Boone County along with his 2 sons. Charles Lewis Hudson is not living with them. 

Currently, we can trace this line from Lewis Hudson to his parents; Anderson Hudson and Sarah Sally Clark. Anderson is the son of John Hudson born 1761-1847, who is the son of William Hudson. This is per Bible Records of Anderson’s brother Lewis Hudson. We match descendants of Richard Hudson and Mary Bowman of Henrico Virginia, but thus far cannot determine an exact lineage.” 

Oh, and by the way, Marilyn’s ex-husband and son are cousins to my wife, as they descend from Ephraim Pauley (1794-1865), a brother to my wife’s 4x great-grandfather, Meredith Pauley (1805-1874). 

Now that we have a little more context on Charles, this will give us more fuel for the fire so to speak.  Again, more research will be needed, but the information that Marilyn provided will definitely help in that endeavor.  Remember, don’t be afraid to reach out to others that descend from an ancestor you are researching because they could hold the keys to what you are trying to find out, and even if they don’t have crucial information, you are still connecting to possible cousins and thus having more “eyes on the prize”! 

My next post will delve into the wife of Lewis Hudson, Lavicia (Pauley) Hudson Pauley. 




Deborah Hudson 

Marilyn Rutherford Pauley 

Cheryl, my wife who is always there for me and gives me all of the love I’ll ever need 

Brian S. Miller 

6 thoughts on “Where Road Block No. 2 Becomes the Road to Nowhere (or Maybe Not?) 

  1. You may have to hand look at the 1860 censuses. Lincoln Co., WVa wasn’t created until 1867 from Boone, Cabell, Kanawha, & Logan counties. Also, his surname may be of the family he was living with.


    • TJ, Yes I’ve seen these. I just didn’t include them as at first I really didn’t think they would bring any further information to the table, but I realize that any and every record is important, so thank you for this!


    • TJ, Marilyn Pauley said she found (which I saw) an Ohio marriage record for a Rebecca Eastwood and a Joseph P. Chittum, 28 Feb. 1872. Also, their daughter Mary Frances “Fannie” Chittum’s SS Application and Claims record states her parents as Joseph P. Chittum and Rebecca E. Eastwood. Just food for thought. Thanks again!


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