From Paper Trail to Road Block No. 1

My last post covered the records I found surrounding the Midkiff, Hudson and Lacy families. I wanted to continue the hunt for the ancestors of the Hudson family to see what I could find out. What I did find out had an impact on what I was originally going to call this post, which was “From Paper Trail to Primrose Path”, but the further I got into the records I found, this was no primrose path, but it’s a path I’m very familiar with.

Well, here’s what we need to learn from doing this kind of research. We won’t always have successes when researching every single ancestor, but it can be advantageous when we have those road blocks that we encounter because they can help us find other ways to research by thinking outside of the box. It will make us more determined and focused to find the truth and that much better of a family researcher.

Okay, here we go…this is what I discovered even if I did encounter some road blocks. We’ll start with the 1880 Census Washington District, Lincoln Co., WV for Charles and Leona Hudson, parents of Homer H. Hudson (1889-1970). Homer was married to Ella Jane Midkiff, my wife’s great aunt.

Courtesy of Ancestry©

You’ll notice a 2 year old Sankey Pauley listed as the stepson of Charles Hudson, thus Sankey would be the son Leona Hudson.

Lenoa had been previously married to a Daniel Pauley. Daniel must have passed away shortly after Sankey was born. My objective for this post is to prove who this Daniel Pauley was.

I could not find a marriage record for Leona Wheeler (maiden name) and Daniel Pauley, but I did find Sankey Pauley’s death certificate of 20 Oct., 1934:

Courtesy of WV Culture Vital Records

As you can see, it clearly states Dan Pauley and Leona Wheeler as his parents.

So, obviously there is some sort of connection here to the Pauley family.

There were 3 Daniel Pauleys that I found in Lincoln and Kanawha Counties.

For clarity sake, I will be numbering the 3 Daniel Pauleys that I found in sequential order.

I found a “Daniel Pauley #1” in the 1870 Census in Washington District, Lincoln Co., WV:

Courtesy of Ancestry©

“Daniel Pauley #1”, born in 1854, was the son of Solomon Pauley and Elizabeth Midkiff.

Unfortunately, I could not find a marriage record for Solomon Pauley and Elizabeth Midkiff.

“Daniel W. Pauley #2”, born in 1854 and he was living in Kanawha Co., WV in 1880. His wife’s name was Edith:

Courtesy of Ancestry©

“Daniel Pauley #2” married Edith (Conley) Osborn:

Courtesy of Ancestry©

I have doubts that “Daniel Pauley #2” was the father of Sankey Pauley.

“Daniel Pauley #3”, born about 1853 shows up in the 1870 Census for Washington District, Kanawha Co., WV:

Courtesy of Ancestry©

Again, I have my doubts and reservations about “Daniel Pauley #3” being Sankey Pauley’s father.

At this point, the chances are good that Solomon Pauley and Elizabeth Midkiff were the parents of the “Daniel Pauley #1” that married Leona Wheeler. I still can’t say that with 100% confidence. The rest of the ancestral line going back for this Pauley family is subject to more research.

What I have seen indicates that Solomon Pauley was the son of Mohaney Pauley and Lucinda Turley and I found an interesting record for the will of John Turley, the father of Lucinda Turley:

Courtesy of Ancestry© – West Virginia. County Court (Kanawha County); Probate Place: Kanawha, West Virginia – Will Book, Vol A, 1831-1882; Will Record, Vol 1, 1820-1858

This record names daughters of John Turley and their spouses that all have some connection to the Hudson family and my wife’s ancestors. Dorea Lacy, wife of George Lacy. Mary “Polly” Miller, wife of Jonathan Miller (this is part of my wife’s Miller ancestral line). Lucy (Lucinda) Pauley, wife of Mohany Pauley, supposed parents of Solomon Pauley. Sally Parsons, wife of Frederick Parsons. Melinda Parsons, wife of Richard Parsons. Druzilla Midkiff, wife of Samuel Midkiff.

Even though I haven’t been able to continue further back with this Pauley line by showing records that prove relationships, the discovery of the record shown above opened quite a number of doors to other ancestral families for my wife.

The last record I found was the death index record for Mohany Pauley:

Courtesy of Ancestry©

This record at least gives us the parents for Mohany Pauley.

Remember, even when you hit a road block in your searching, you never know when a record you didn’t even know you were looking for could pop up and give you a pleasant surprise! My next post will continue the search through the Pauley family relating to the Hudson family.



WV Culture Vital Records


My wife Cheryl, whose love and support is all I’ll ever need

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