No Mann’s Land

In my last post, I gave a tribute to Keith Earley, the former Lucas County Engineer whom I had worked with for 20 years and had known for 22 years. As I was reacquainting myself with the Earley family when developing the previous post, I had mentioned a Christiena Mann that had married Lewis Earley.

Here is the 1860 Census I had presented in Morrow County, Ohio for the Mann family prior to Christiena and Lewis’ marriage:

Courtesy of©

Christiena Mann’s parents were Valentine Mann and wife Elizabeth (this may have been Valentine’s second wife). Take note of the oldest son’s name, Andrew. You will see that there is a bit of significance in him being named Andrew later.

I decided to dig further into this Mann family and I was quite surprised by what I uncovered.

Here is the 1850 Census for Valentine Mann in Morrow County, Ohio:

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Notice the wife’s name is Susannah. Also take note of the 80 year old man living with them, John Mann. It’s a pretty good bet that this is Valentine’s father.

Valentine Mann definitely married a second time in 1854:

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Valentine’s second wife was Elizabeth Taylor (Not that Elizabeth Taylor).

Let’s go back one more census year to 1840.

Here is the census for 1840 in Franklin Twp., Knox County, OH – John Mann living next to Valentine:

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Morrow County was formed in 1848 from surrounding counties including Knox County.

Here is the transcribed list of the same 1840 census:

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Notice the Jacob Mann listed at the top.

In the 1830 census, in Bedford County, PA we find John Mann. It can be difficult to make accurate conclusions about fathers and sons, but this is the best we have. Based on John Mann’s age, this would be the best conclusion we can make as their is a son that is the right age to be Valentine Mann:

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Here is a tax list of Bethel Twp., Bedford County, PA in 1800. Listed are many males from the Mann family including John Mann:

Courtesy of©

The Manns listed are Andrew Mann, Jacob Mann, John Mann, Bernard Mann, Jacob Mann, Jr., and Andrew Mann Jr.

Attempting to find birth records for this Mann family has been difficult at best. I did find a book called “Leaves of a Stunted Shrub” compiled by William G. Scoggins (2009) – Page 628 with the listed Mann family in question:

The John Mann listed (1772-1860), married to Elizabeth Ente, is listed as one of the sons of Andrew Mann (1739-1818) married to Rachel Egnor.

There is a lot of documentation on the partiarch Andrew Mann. The reason for this is, Andrew Mann was a Captain in the Eighth Reg. of George Washington’s Continental Army under the command of Col. Mackey. Andrew fought at the battle of Brandywine and the battle of Germantown. After those battles, his regiment went to Ft. Pitt (Pittsburgh) and fought Native American Indians.

Here is Andrew Mann’s D.A.R. (Daughters of the American Revolution) record:

Courtesy of the D.A.R.

One last item I need to clear up is the time and place of death for John Mann, the attributed son of Andrew Mann. There is a conflict on Find a Grave that needs addressing, not that I’ll be able to fix it on Find a Grave, but at least I can clear it up here. I’ve never had great success at changing someone’s mind regarding the information that they control on Find a Grave and telling them that it is incorrect. I just usually get ignored.

The conflict revolves around the John Mann mentioned above that is buried in Morrow County, OH and another John Mann that is buried in Bucks County, PA. Let’s take a look at the second John Mann.

Here is the information in question for the second John Mann from Find a Grave as shown on Ancestry:

Courtesy of©

If the above John Mann is the father of Valentine Mann, then I would expect a record of it might exist. I went searching and I found the abstract of the will of the second John Mann with a list of his heirs:

Courtesy of©

As you can see, there is no Valentine Mann mentioned.

The first John Mann’s Find a Grave memorial shows up on Find a Grave like this:

Courtesy of Find a Grave©

Although I did not find a will for the first John Mann, it’s reasonable to believe that this is the father of Valentine Mann. Further records will be needed to make a final claim of proof.

Without proper records for Valentine and John Mann, it is possible that the lineage could be wrong, but all available information does point in the direction of the Earley family being descendants of Andrew Mann.

Remember, you must do your homework and due diligence when it comes to research. You cannot haphazardly attach information to any one ancestor simply because they might fit the bill as a “desired” ancestor.



D.A.R. (Daughters of the American Revolution)

Google EBooks

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Featured Image:

Mid 1800 Maps of Bedford County, Pa and Morrow Co., OH – Courtesy of the Library of Congress


Ruby Earley and the Earley Family

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