Seeing Them for the First Time

Since the invention of the camera, family photographs have always been keepsakes that have been squirreled away somewhere is some album or box that haven’t seen the light of day for decades. My cousin, David Earp shared some photographs from my Earp and Keim families that most of my family have never seen before.

Below are some of those photographs I thought I would share.

My grandmother, Geraldine (Earp) Lentz (1912-2004), great-uncle William E. Earp (1916-2002) & my great-grandfather, William J. Earp (1888-1974) – c. 1920 – Great-grandpa William J. Earp’s Excelsior motorcycle
My great-grandfather, Wm. J. Earp (right) and his brother, Edward Eugene Earp (1893-1942-left)
My great-grandparents, Edna (Keim) Earp (1889-1959) and Wm J. Earp

For the first time ever, my great-great-grandfather, Edward Elmer Earp (1866-1909):

Edward E. Earp – 42 yrs. old – 1908 – He passed away in 1909 from tuberculosis.

Another first I never thought I’d ever see, my great-great grandmother, Annie (Bowers) Earp (1869-1900):

Annie Earp had a short hard life. Besides losing two sons, Jesse and John…Ruth, the little girl standing next to Annie died from whooping cough. Annie passed away in 1900 from an undisclosed malady based on the newspaper article covering her death.
House where great-grandpa Earp lived (left half) and where great-uncle Bill was born. This house was built by my great-grandmother’s father, John K. Keim (1854-1916).
My great-great-grandparents, John K. Keim (1854-1916) – He was a carpenter. Mary Elizabeth “Lizzie” (Hummer) Keim (1856-1911).

Again, another first…4 Keim generations in one photograph:

Left to right – John K. Keim, his father Aaron Keim (1824-1915), John’s son, Aaron and Aaron’s son John Keim.

There were many more photographs, but I can’t share them all here. There was one more photograph that was a mystery to my cousin David Earp as it was loose in the back of the photo album. If you recognize this gentleman, please let me know. I can deduce from the clothing that this is a much older photograph:

Unknown relative – I would imagine that this person has to be related to me through the Earp or Keim family.

If you are interested in discovering family photographs, never be afraid to reach out to any of your relatives and ask if they might have something hidden away. You just might have a chance to see an ancestor you thought you would never see in your lifetime.

Special thank to my cousin, David Earp!

Also, to Cheryl, my wife for always being there for me! Love you Sweetie!!

2 thoughts on “Seeing Them for the First Time

    • Linda,
      Thank you! My next post is going to be really special. A podcast of a historic event that involved a branch of my family in Maryland. Stay tuned!!


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