Mark of the Fleur-De-Lis

In a previous post called “A Death Certificate, a Headstone, a Newspaper and a Will”, I was writing about my Hummer family and their connection to the Flory family.  This post takes it many steps further, as within this particular ancestral family I have been researching, the Florys have been much celebrated and made well-known by earlier descendants.  Meticulously documented, the Flory family branches surpassed their places of origin in France and Palatinate, Germany long ago, as well as their settlements throughout this country in the states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia and Indiana.  There seems to be no doubt that the Florys were French Huguenots.   

The title of my post mentions the Fleur-De-Lis, which literally means Lilly Flower.  The symbol of the Fleur-De-Lis was claimed by French Royals and later, England, but the very name of Flory is associated with the Fleur-De-Lis, shown in the Flory coat of arms and the supposed adoption in 1640 by French poet & statesmen Claude Fleury and from 1653-1743 by the famous Cardinal and statesman, Andre De Fleury: 

My gateway ancestor to the Flory family is my great-grandmother, Edna (Keim) Earp.  Here is a photograph of her (left), with my grandmother, Geraldine (Earp) Lentz (middle) and my great-uncle Bill Earp (right): 

c. 1920 – Great-grandpa William J. Earp’s Excelsior motorcycle (c.1907-1915)…the logo on the motorcycle gave it away, plus we watch American Pickers-photograph courtesy of my cousin, David Earp – (All family photographs in this post were recently received from David Earp, the author’s cousin). 

Edna’s mother was Mary Elizabeth “Lizzie” (Hummer) Keim (1856-1911). 

There is a book called “Flory Flora Fleury Family History 1948” that was compiled by Walter Q. Bunderman, a historian of Lebanon County Flory Reunion Organization.  It is obvious that this particular book was painstakingly compiled by the author because of the amount of records there are in it.  I would like to reiterate here as I have in the past, I only use historical and genealogical books as a backup to what I already have verified with the actual records themselves. 

In Chapter 7, page 51, my great-great-grandmother Lizzie (Hummer) Keim is listed as one of the children of Jacob Hummer and Annie Cox: 

Taken from the book “Flory Flora Fleury Family History 1948” by Walter Q. Bunderman. 

Here are photographs of Edna’s parents, John K. Keim (1854-1916) and Mary Elizabeth Hummer (1856-1911): 

Photographs courtesy of David Earp 

The information provided in the Flory book supports what I have already discovered and proven in my previous post regarding my Hummer family.  As you can see, it shows the succession of generations going back to the immigrant ancestor Joseph J. Flory I. 

As proven in my previous post, Abraham Hummer, his 1st wife Anna (dec.), 2nd wife Elizabeth and two grandsons Jacob and Joseph Hummer, are all mentioned in the will of Chistoff Flory (1765-1843). 

Here are the subsequent will links leading back to Joseph Flory II: 

Christopher Flory (1765-1843) 30 Nov 1840 – Lancaster County, PA Will Book S-T, 1838-1845 

Served as a Pvt., in George Gantze’s 3rd Co., 4th Battalion, Lancaster Co. militia (enlistment papers on pages 46 & 47 in the Flory book).  Married about 1789 to Rachel Flory, his cousin.  Rachel was born in 1771, the 20th child of John Flory, the brother of Joseph Flory II and she died in March of 1866 (marriage record found for Christopher and Rachel Flory on Ancestry©). 

Christopher Flory was the son of David Flory.

David Flory (1742-1795) 1 Oct 1793 – Lancaster County, PA Will Book G-H, 1796-1805 

Served during the Revolutionary War (see page 40 of the Flory Book). 

David Flory was the son of Joseph Flory II.

Joseph Flory II (1714-1785) 16 Sep 1783 – Dauphin County, PA Will Book 1a-1c, 1785-1814 

From the Flory book on page 15: 

A book such as the 592 page book of the Flory family is packed with great information that could lead you to discovering the records you may have been looking for.  Cross reference everything you can find to verify your research.  Do not take anything in the book for granted nor allow it to persuade you in any way, as well as any other book you may find for any of your ancestors. There is one other book regarding the Flory family called “A genealogy and history of descendants of Jacob Flora, Senior, of Franklin County, Virginia” compiled by Joel Cephas Flora – Copyright 1951 – J.C. Flora, Dayton, Ohio.  It does seem to reiterate some of the information found in the Flory book being referenced here, but I have not read this second book thoroughly. 

More interesting reading here




Flory Flora Fleury Family History 1948” compiled by Walter Q. Bunderman  

A Collection of Upwards of Thirty Thousand Names of German, Swiss, Dutch, French and Other Immigrants in Pennsylvania from 1727 to 1776 – Daniel Rupp – Copyright 1898 

Featured Image: 

Pennsylvania Warranty Township Maps – left side portion showing land tracts courtesy of The Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission – Pennsylvania State Archives – the highlighted properties are that of John Flory and Joseph Flory, which the tract information provided in the Flory book on pages 29 & 30 matches exactly to the information provided on this map – right side portion showing Pennsylvania map – created by Brian S. Miller 


David Earp, thank you for the wonderful photographs. 

As always, thank you to my wife, Cheryl…thank you for all of your love and support!  

Love you Sweetie! 

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