Country Roads…

Today is my 60th birthday and I wanted to write a special post about how my wife and I met 50 years ago in a small hamlet in West Virginia called Cross Lanes.

I ended up in West Virginia for one reason…my father’s job. He was a civil engineer for Michael Baker, Jr., Inc., an engineering firm out of western Pennsylvania. My father was transferred to West Virginia in 1966 to help on the design of the New River Gorge Bridge.

After moving there, we attended the Abney Street Church of God in St. Albans, WV. After a few years, we began attending the Cross Lanes Church of God, which was closer to where we lived and where Rev. Don Dillon was minister. In 1970, a new minister was taking over at the church in Cross Lanes, Rev. Richard O. Midkiff. He had a wife and four children. The youngest was a daughter, Cheryl.

The Midkiffs and my family became good friends and Cheryl and I became close as we were the same age. It was young love and we were able to steal a few kisses in Cheryl’s closet.

Time went by and only after three years, it was time for our families to part. Cheryl’s family moved to Dayton, OH in early 1973 because Cheryl’s father took a new church there and in March of that same year, my family moved to Beaver Falls, PA because of my father’s job.

Eleven years later, I was working in Connecticut for Michael Baker. One night, I was talking with my mother on the phone and she had mentioned she had spoke with Wanda, Cheryl’s mother. She had mentioned Cheryl and that sparked something in me.

I wrote to Cheryl, which turned into talking on the phone. In December of 1984, I knew Cheryl was the one. I asked her to marry me and on August 31, 1985, we were married.

We just celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary and knowing each other for 50 years.

Cheryl has been and will always be the greatest and sweetest gift I have ever received.



Special Acknowledgments:


I Love You Cheryl!!

6 thoughts on “Country Roads…

  1. Great story Brian! Congratulations on many happy years. God’s providence is really something!
    Sometime I’ll tell you how Nikita Kruschev factored in mine 🙁😄


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