Since my last post regarding Amy (Collins) Willis, a lot has happened. Connecting with my wife’s cousins through mutual contacts and through her AncestryDNA list, I decided to form a group called “The WCRF DNA PROJECT”. The WCRF stands for Willis, Warner, Waugh, Collins, Reynolds and Fizer.

These are the surnames that are at the core of our group.

The locations for these families are Cabell Co., WV, Putnam Co., WV, Lincoln Co., WV, Fayette Co., WV and Lawrence Co., OH.

Our objective is to make connections, break down those brick walls and make determinations on your Most Recent Common Ancestor for these families.  These families hold many mysteries and with your help, we may be able to solve them.

If you have ancestors with any of these surnames, in these locations and you are interested in becoming part of this group to include your DNA, please contact me through the comment field at the bottom of this page.

Thank you.

Brian S. Miller

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