A Death Certificate, a Headstone, a Newspaper and a Will

After researching Mary E. Hummer and her family (from my previous blog), I turned my attention to Mary’s father, Jacob Hummer.  When I found Jacob Hummer’s death certificate, I came up with his parent’s names as Abraham Hummer and Anna Flory:

1. Jacob Hummer DC

Image from Ancestry©

I decided to search on Anna Flory first…

The first item I found was Anna’s headstone on Find-a-grave:

1. Anna Flory Hummer Headstone

Image from Find-a-Grave© (original contributor has transferred Anna’s memorial to my account, also including Johannes Hummer’s memorial)

The top portion of the headstone is clearly the most important information, so here is the English translation:

(Hier) Here (ruht) lies Anna Hummer, eine (one) geborne (born or nee) Florin (Flory)

(geboren den) born on the 27th November 1805

(gestorben den) died on the 14th July 1833

(ihr alter) her age 27 (jahr) years, 7 (monat) months, 17 (tags) days

My next stop, although I was doubtful I would find anything, was Newspapers.com©.  There are those moments when doing this type of research when you get very lucky!  I found the notice of Anna’s death in a Gettysburg newspaper:

2. Republican_Banner_Tue__Jul_30__1833_

From the Republican Banner, Tuesday, July 30, 1833 – Image from Newspapers.com©

Notice the last part of the sentence…the 14th…this clearly matches the death date on Anna’s headstone.

My next step was to find some kind of verification of everything I had found thus far.  I took a chance on finding Anna’s parents, specifically Anna’s father.  I started by looking at Ancestry trees, and found that, for the most part, they all agreed that Anna’s parents were Christopher Stoffel Flory and Rachel Flory (1st cousins).  I found Christopher’s will from 1843, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and what I found in it, gave me the complete picture of the Flory family and Hummer family.  Ten Flory children are mentioned, including Elizabeth Flory, wife of Abraham Hummer.  Also mentioned, grandchildren, Jacob Hummer and Joseph Hummer, children of the deceased daughter, Ann (previous wife of Abraham Hummer).

3. Portion of Christopher Flory Will

Image from Ancestry©

So, this clearly tells me that, after Anna passed away, Abraham Hummer married Anna’s sister, Elizabeth, who was at least 15 years older than Abraham.

Here is the 1860 Census for Lancaster County, PA with Abraham, Elizabeth and Elizabeth’s mother Rachel Flory:

4. Portion of 1860 Census

Image from Ancestry©

These types of discoveries should be the driving force behind your research.  Sometimes, with a bit of luck and perseverance, you too, can find those elusive ancestors.

I will continue researching the Hummer family and post a new blog sometime in the near future.

Keep on searching…

Thanks to James Beidler, for giving me the knowledge on how to translate the important parts of those German headstones.

Brian S. Miller


3 thoughts on “A Death Certificate, a Headstone, a Newspaper and a Will

  1. Imagine someone seeing only the 1860 census listing and not knowing all the facts. There is no relationship information in the 1860 census. Someone could have easily assumed Elizabeth was the mother of Abraham – a huge mistake as your research proves.

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